Divorce Coaching

I am a solicitor, mediator, divorcee, co parent and Divorce Coach. I am your personal mentor helping you along your divorce or separation. I fill in the gaps between the law and you, as you make your way through the process offering you access to someone that understands the emotional and practical aspects of divorce and helping you retain a sense of calm and understanding. I am available to you with more than the standard legal approach to Divorce. Your Divorce Coach provides you with reassurance, support and strategic planning. I understand the complexities of the legal process and I can assist you by empowering you to have more control and understanding of what is happening to you during your divorce. I also specialise in divorces involving narcissistic personalities.

I help my clients by providing coaching in the following ways:

1:1 coaching in person or via Zoom, Facetime or phoneUnlimited text/whats app assistanceEmail support and drafting of correspondence with your ex or co-parentS.O.S calls at the weekends

Nawal Houghton
Your Divorce Coach
www.yourdivorcecoach.org.uk email: nawalhoughton@icloud.com

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