Life & Business Coaching

I offer transformational one-to-one coaching sessions that can help with the change you seek. We can work on areas in your life, business, career, personal well being, health or more broadly your mindset and behaviours. Currently I’m working via video calls (Zoom) but can do face to face if and when possible.

I work with a range of clients from indie business owners and entrepreneurs to leaders in large organisations often blending life and business coaching.

Are you ready to work on developing the most wonderful resource you have?

Yes… that is you!

Are you ready to be really honest with yourself? To be fair to yourself? To take care of yourself? To be bold and brave? To be authentic and alive? To lead a better life? To laugh a little more? To feel more confident? To trust and believe in yourself? To feel more grounded, calmer and focused? To ask and answer some important and sometimes difficult questions? To go from good to great? To expand your world? Are you ready to take steps, and make positive changes?

You’ve got this. Let’s do it!

To give you a flavour of things, a recent client gave me this feedback:

“The timing of the coaching sessions has been perfect – I had reached a point where I was on the verge of resigning from my current post faced with the uncertainty of not having another job lined up. Tanya has been incredible right from our first initial contact on messenger and has helped me to feel supported along this journey.

I was very impressed with how quickly Tanya was able to make some initial yet significant evaluations from our first couple of sessions – this filled me with confidence that coaching was going to be a positive experience through a time of uncertainty.

I feel I have taken away valuable learning and understanding from each of my sessions which I have been able to use to guide me through my choices and decisions. During one of our first sessions Tanya explained that ‘we hold the answers and that as individuals we are creative, resourceful and whole’. This has been a wonderful mantra that I have come back to time and again during the last few weeks. I had experienced counselling before but never coaching and this little quote has reassured me that I am going to get through this experience and make it my own. I am aware that my fear has slowly but surely been changing, transforming into excitement and that has been such an amazing process to observe after feeling so stuck and afraid in my old job for such a very long time.

So far, the values exercise has been a game changer for me. I have actually completed this type of activity in the past but with Tanya I have done so much more than just simply identify them; I have been able to link them to my life and my choices in the past and moving forward. This has definitely had a huge impact on where I am now and where I see myself moving forward. Of course there is still uncertainty surrounding my future but knowing what my values are and how important it is to honour them is something which I think will guide me along my path for years to come.”

Book in a free consultation call with me to find out more

You’re interested, you’re ready for change, so how does this all work?

Check out your options and the details of each of the services I offer and my fees over on my website I offer everyone a free introductory consultation call, which usually lasts around 30 minutes to an hour. This is not a coaching session, but an opportunity for you to ask questions and for both of us to get to know each other a little.


I’m currently offering my discovery coaching sessions free! Which is a great way to discover what working together on your transformation can be like. This session is a bit longer than our normal sessions as it is where we talk through all goals and possible focuses you want to work on. We also explore what drives you, why sometimes things might not be feeling right and where there are imbalances in your work life, career or personal life.

I have an online bookings calendar, which my clients like, as they can easily check my availability and book in at their convenience. Book your free consultation call right now!


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