Conscious House London is a female-founded brand creating natural, sustainable and planet-friendly skincare and home fragrance products. We started the company with the goal of making sustainable skincare affordable, and accessible to everyone. We wanted to share knowledge and insight, debunk myths, and uncover the secrets behind lots of skincare ingredients, whilst providing simple, natural formulations that are as good for the planet as they are for your skin. 
Our collection includes lip balms, hand and face creams, body lotions and scrubs, bar soap, natural soy wax candles, and some hand-knitted accessories such as face cloths and soap pouches.

Each product is carefully formulated to bring together delicious, sustainable ingredients with a divine indulgent fragrance and texture. Our fabric accessories are all hand knitted by us and made using plant-based fibres. Everything is made with our commitment to long-term sustainability in mind.

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