Stitch Sainte Luce is a women’s embroidery Cooperative based in the rural southeast of Madagascar. We hand-stitch textile products including cushion covers, purses, tote bags and bracelets, the designs of which are inspired by the culture and environment of beautiful Madagascar. Each piece is designed by the embroiderer and is completely unique, making for very special statement pieces and gifts.

The Cooperative was started as a charity project by the NGO SEED Madagascar which is headquartered in London, a small group of our founding members were trained in embroidery skills to sell products to tourists to increase household income. The Cooperative is integral to the three villages that make up the area of Sainte Luce. Many of the women are married to fishermen who undertake dangerous trips out to the ocean to catch lobster and fish which provides the only source of income to many families in our community. Now, with the women embroidering around their community responsibilities they can increase the household income. Since starting back in 2012, the Cooperative has grown from just 12 people to 96 members, and over the years have used their increased incomes to achieve many things that most take for granted: buying better food for our families, going to the doctor more often, and sending children to school. 

As of the beginning of 2020, the Stitch Cooperative is now completely independent from the charity and we sell our products from the studio and at national markets in Madagascar, and internationally via our Etsy store.

Find out more about Stitch here: www.stitchsainteluce.org

For any questions about us, or to order bespoke commissions, you can email stitch@seedmadagascar.org and our London representative, Rebecca, will be happy to help.

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