This month’s Spotlight on a small business

Spotlight Business

Each month one or more businesses can apply to be our Spotlight Business for the month.  

They can choose up to 20 images (should they wish) to share with all their contact details on.  

The first business who applies for that month will get the slot totally free.

If  you still wish to apply for a spotlight then you can purchase a spotlight for that month for £30.

Only Members of Shopthehighstreets can apply for a Spotlight.

What you will receive:

The Spotlight Artist will be featured exclusively in their own section in the menu bar of our website.

You will be promoted & tagged on both Instagram and Facebook.

Your details will also remain fon the website for 12 months, although other small businesses will then come above you.

So if you had your spotlight in April for instance, you would be moved to April’s Spotlight, and be preceded by May’s Spotlight Business.

What you need to provide:

You should view your Spotlight as a chance to tell your audience much more about you.

It would be great to hear about your business and how you are functioning during Covid 19.

Make it a personal voice ie something different to your listing with me.

Tell me (the audience) about what got you started perhaps in your line of work and what you can offer.

ie do you have a special offer etc?

Make it no more than approximately one side of A4.

Don’t forget to provide all your contact details once again for me.

Photos – send images to me via We transfer or please send them as attachments for me to easily download.

If you wish to apply for a particular month’s slot then email

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