Virtual Market

We have just started to run our own Virtual Market on a friday 8 – 9pm

Open to everyone free of charge, but in exchange please hashtag us to death and promote each other.

The Event

Itself is free however I would really like you to become a member of shopthehighstreets and become part of the community.  Currently you can take advantage of the three month free listing.The event will be open to everyone in the UK and anywhere else.

How to do it:

  1. Create an Instagram account for the event (if you don’t already have one)
  2. You will need to be familiar with creating a ‘Story’ 
  3. This is in the top left of your instagram account – see the circle.
  4. You can either make a Story by clicking the + button
  5. You have access to more features if you do it this way.
  6. You can add all sorts of graphics and interactive gifs
  7. OR make a normal post and then add it to your Story (see the airplane button) and then add your fun stuff and practical information.
  8. Only make ONE story during the hour.
  9. Do not make a video.
  10. Make sure you add our tag to your Story @ShopthehighStreets otherwise I won’t be able to find it.
  11. Make your promotional flyer easy to read and add any details you like – price/location/postal service etc.
  12. You are responsible for your own flyer and the content and any sales you make post the event.

Practice Run

  1. Have a practice making them in the meantime and have fun with them.
  2. If you make a practice story, tag me or a friend then go and see it in their stories (they have to add it to theirs)

When to make your Story

  • As soon as the Virtual Market opens, create a ‘story’ for the event but only post it during the  actual duration of the event ie between 8 – 9pm.
  • I can’t upload it before hand.
  • You must Tag me on the Story or I won’t see it – this is crucial.
  • The whole point is that the market is live and current and your product is offered during the event like a real market only online.
  • See attached jpeg which might help visually – but feel free to make your design your own.

How it works my end

  1.  During the hour of the live ‘Virtual Market’ I will be looking out for all the ‘Stories’ which have tagged me.
  2. They will appear as notifications to me.  
  3. The minute you have tagged me then I will find your ‘Story’
  4. Your ‘Story’ will be added to my Stories along with all the others giving people the opportunity to follow you directly on Instagram and contact you directly for the product/service you are offering.
  5. Your instagram name will automatically appear on your ‘Story’ if someone taps it.
  6. I can only post up to 100 stories per hour (not that I am expecting any where near those numbers!!!) but you may need to check back on the market several times during the event.
  7. A quick way of scanning through the stories is to tap the screen to get you to the next Story.

During the Virtual Market

  1. Once you have posted your Story between 8 – 9pm, sit down and wait for your Story to appear in my Stories
  2. You need to be waiting and watching shopthehighstreets instagram page.
  3. Click on my Stories and then tap your way through them.

Post the Event

  1. After the event all the people who have taken part will be visible in my Stories section for 24 hours.
  2. After that I will store everyone’s details in the Event’s date in the  ‘highlight’ section so followers will be able to find your details and post whenever they like.
24th April
Virtual MarketCome and find some amazing suppliers at our online event.
8-9 pmInstagram @shopthehighstreets

1st May
Virtual MarketJoin our online shopping extravaganza!
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